2020 Accomplishments

  • Received OPS and School Board Approval for Health Center

  • Contracted with Charles Drew to operate the Health Center

  • Received aid to meet operating shortfalls for the Health Center from Building Healthy Futures

  • Raised almost  $300,000 toward building the health center

  • Raised $50,000 to use toward Tennis Center at Benson

  • Received in-kind donation of architectural fees for Health Center—Value $75,000—from Randy Brown Architects

  • Submitted proposals for grants to Mammel and Millard Foundation and Building Healthy Futures. 

  •  Submitted information on project to Walter Scott Foundation and  Lozier Foundations.

  • Prepared Foundation booklet as well as information on the proposed health clinic and tennis center

  • Website completed

  • Obtained pricing information for furniture for the Commons Area

  • Obtained pricing for replacing commons area floor with permanent, lifetime terrazzo.

  • Hired Project Analysts to help with Health Center pricing

2019 Accomplishments

  • Provided track suits for the players to wear to games.

  • Provided money for a mentoring program to use with football team.

  • Provided money for tennis rackets for all varsity players to keep.

  • Provided money for shoes for all varsity tennis players.

  • Set up a scholarship for a teacher to earn a Master's degree which will allow her to teach classes in the Health Academy for students' dual enrollment at UNO and Metro Community College.

  • Hosted a tailgate party for all alumni and former faculty members at Homecoming. 65 people attended the first annual Benson High School Foundation Homecoming Tailgate Party.

  • Organized the Foundation, By-laws, completed the 501(c) (3) application, established a bank account at First National Bank.

  • Have asked OPS to draw up a plan for an additional tennis court and prepare a cost estimate for improvements.

  • Interviewed Charles Drew Clinic personnel about operating a clinic at Benson. Interviewed UNMC about operating a clinic at Benson.

  • Received cost estimates for providing a clinic and operating it at Benson and had an architect draw up a plan for the medical space. Met with potential donors for the clinics.