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You can support one of many efforts at Benson High  by sending a check. Choose one of the items below and indicate your choice in the "memo" of the check and then mail to:

Omaha Benson High School Foundation

1925 No. 120th Street

Omaha, NE 68154


The Foundation needs to raise approximately $500,000 to build a health center for Benson and staff it for the upcoming year. The Foundation needs to have enough money in reserve to continue to fund it for years to come. We need to raise a million dollars to endow this continuing expense. Learn more... 



To accommodate the necessary changes for a Medical Center a new snack bar and bookstore will be added to this area. The Foundation will need to raise $250,000. This would include new furnishings to make an attractive space. Learn more...


Provide school t shirts, fleeces, hoodies etc. to participants in organizations, extracurricular activities and school teams. The shirts would say Band, Tennis, Art and whatever the activity is. The school needs to build pride in the school, brand itself and show the community that great things are happening at Benson.


Build a Hall of Fame area with a tribute to the past,--install good lighting and make it a place alumni would enjoy visiting.


Replace current trophy cases with what is happening today. The great art projects, music achievements, photos of participants in sports all need to be displayed and highlighted. Benson needs to sell itself to the public; things are happening at Benson but the trophies of old do not tell the story. This move will necessitate moving the trophy case to the Athletic Hall.


The three original concrete tennis courts, which have been at Benson forever are badly cracked,
need new fencing and lights. With the addition of one more court the jv and varsity could
practice together at the school, host invitationals and eliminate the need to travel by van to
Koch Tennis Center daily. The estimated cost is $555,000 to replace existing courts, add an
additional court, replace fencing, add lighting and bleachers. Interest in tennis at Benson is
great and is a sport for a lifetime. Through donations we have provided varsity tennis players
shoes and racquets to keep; players who go out for tennis for the most part have never held a
racquet in their hands. The players love the sport, and take their racquets out and play long
after the season ends. The Benson kids have not had the advantage of playing tennis since
they were young, but with the addition of new courts, Benson could host summer clinics which
would build stronger teams.



Interested in supporting a particular sport? Take a look at the GRD (GREEN RUNS DEEP) page for needs that have been presented to the foundation.  


Develop a fund for to provide after school snacks and basic needs for students who stay for tutoring, sports and other activities.


Studies and past uses of incentives improve attendance and classroom performance.  Some local schools reward students for attending after school events, school games.  Teachers want to reward Benson students who achieve perfect attendance, who raise their grades etc.  Other schools award iPods, iPhones, etc.  Benson would like to award gift cards, school shirts, electronics etc.

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