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Racket and Ball

Benson High kids want to play tennis! Our 2019 tennis team was largely made up of refugees from Burma.  The kids are quick, learn quickly and love the game.  One young man joined the team one week before the season began and he played varsity!  How good could they be if they had year around training like the West Omaha kids have?

Benson Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts 1.jpg

Millard Tennis Courts



Our Goal(s)


  • We wish to bring the same experiences to the kids east of 72nd Street that their counterparts enjoy to the west.  To do that we need to update the 3 tennis courts at the school—original from the 1930”s.  The fencing is filled with holes, weeds abound and there is no seating. The school can not host meets because a minimum of 4 courts is required.  Benson has just 3.

  • Build 1 new court

  • Lighting for all courts

  • Establish Summer clinics to teach potential players.

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New Tennis Shoes 11082019_edited.jpg
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