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"It’s a proven fact that the design of an environment has a significant effect on mental health, how inspired we feel and our readiness to take on the task at hand. When the spaces we work and live in, the objects that fill them and the clothes we wear have all been carefully considered, our lives improve. We interact more effectively and new ideas blossom. Ultimately, good design helps us live the life we want. It makes business sense and those who invest in it reap the rewards both personally and professionally." Robert L, Peters, designer and author.


The Foundation has been working with The Charles Drew Center as well as UNMC to provide a health facility for Benson High Students.  At the health center the students would receive free medical care, school physicals, and psychological counseling.  The center would be open about 20 hours per week and staffed by licensed health care professionals.

This facility would fit into the present snack bar across from the gymnasium and is on an outside wall which would allow for access directly to the school from outside.  This would necessitate moving the present snack bar to the book store located adjacent to the south side of the gym.  The book store could then be relocated to a space in the SW corner of the commons area.


As you can see from the picture, the commons area also needs updating.  Studies show that working and socializing in a happy, well lit, bright attractive space produces optimum work performance.  The commons does not show happy, well lit, bright or attractive nor does it have any furniture for students to sit, relax or study.  The tiles in the floor, beige, have no relationship to the school colors—a bright white terrazzo floor with a logo in the center would give Benson a face to remember—and furniture and benches around the columns would enhance the school experience. 


Finally The Foundation would like to work on the North entrance to the school since this has become the new front door.Redevelop the North entrance to a more contemporary look. 

Benson Entrance 1_edited.jpg
Potentail Benson High School Entrance_ed
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