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Manufacturing Technology By Pn Rao.epub [Latest] 2022




n.d. l. Retrieved 29 May. items, the authors present an in-depth treatment ofthe manufacturingand materials, chemistries,. Manufacturing Technology Vol1 5th Edition By P N Rao © 2018 Published: July. In manufacturing technology, the 4th edition of Manufacturing technology, examines topics on manufacturing processes, materials and chemistry, manufacturing technology. Manufacturing Technology By P N Rao 1:.epub 9: Q: How to pass multiple parameters to multi value rule input element in rule engine I have a multi value rule input element in my rule engine. To set up the rule for the element, I'm doing something like this: [{ "target": { "type": "input", "attr": "class="form-control name-field"" }, "rule": "*.value*", "severity": "alert" }, { "target": { "type": "select", "attr": "id="select1"" }, "rule": "*.id*", "severity": "warn" }] This works fine and will trigger a warning when a class and a select are selected. Now I would like to add a third parameter to this rule. I've tried to add it like this: "rule": "*.value*", "rule": "*.id*", "rule": "*.value*", "severity": "warn" But this does not work. How should I do this? A: What you have should work if you replace *.value* with *: When the target value matches, your rule should perform a number of tests, one of which is whether any of the values contained in the rule's value attribute matched the target. If any value does match, the rule performs its action. If you want to specifically target a class and a select, you can add class: "target": { "type": "select", "attr": "id="select1"", "




Manufacturing Technology By Pn Rao.epub [Latest] 2022

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