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Benson High School was long the school of choice for Omahans.  A United States Senator, Congressman, Mayors, Professional Entertainers, Athletes, physicians, scientists, attorneys, educators, home builders, land developers, CEO’s, architects, artists, musicians plus a host of skilled craftsmen and tradesmen who have kept Omaha booming all graduated from Benson.

And now under the able leadership of Principal Tom Wagner and his super faculty and staff, Benson is still educating its students—still helping each and every student  to do his/her best despite Benson being the most diverse student body in the area.

Dare to Dream is your invitation from the Benson High School Foundation to participate in the Benson High experience.  The members dream of an inviting school, a school that provides health care for those who have none, a school that provides a top level education meeting the needs of all individuals-- providing additional tutoring , providing upper level dual enrollment classes, providing transportation to those who need it. We dare to restore our athletic program to prominence and make sure at the same time no one is ever hungry.  We dare to dream and invite you to dream with us.


We dare to provide exceptional learning experiences academically while also teaching English to the 300 non-English students who speak some 100 other languages.  The majority are refugees. 


We dare to provide exceptional learning experiences with the three academies:  The Design and Architecture Academy, The Health Academy and The Entrepreneur Academy.

We dare to provide a personalized curriculum to each student.


Maintaining the history of academic excellence in challenging times is imperative to Benson’s success.  While the school honors the learning diversity of the students; Each student needs the opportunity to succeed to the heights of which he/she is capable.  With the academy model, the large ESL program, coupled with tutoring and mentoring, we remain committed to helping each and every student.

In an interesting international mix of students, we are also committed to honoring the individual backgrounds of each student and enhancing the education of all.


At Benson High last year 92 % of the students were on free and reduced lunch.  These teens cannot afford the extras like drinks after football practice, school physicals, and health insurance.  The Foundation hopes to rectify the situation by providing a health care clinic at school where students and their families will receive free health care.  The Foundation hopes to provide shoes and equipment for sports when needed, transportation to and from events and games. 


The Benson High School Foundation also wishes to enhance the education of all teachers who wish to pursue Master’s degrees.


The Benson High School Foundation wishes to provide more tutoring programs, more mentoring programs and more incentives to learn.  And the Foundation wishes to keep the present faculty at Benson.

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