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Dear Alumni, Faculty and Staff, and Friends of Benson High School,


2021 was simply an amazing year for the Benson High Foundation in just its second year.  The Foundation achieved its goals which will be detailed in the soon to be published Annual Report  available soon on this website.  We are grateful to the individuals and foundations which believe in the Foundation and the needs at Benson... To read more of the Chairman's Letter click here: More

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The Foundation was formed in 2019 to provide support for educational enhancement programs, athletics, and school activities. The Foundation raises money for programs, events, and projects determined by the school to help meet the needs of the diverse student body. Because we received a great education from Benson High, we want to ensure that the school is able to meet the needs of the students and give the current students the best education it can today and in the

Benson High Has been renowned for its achievements in all areas of educational opportunities, and we want to restore Benson to its former grandeur. Meeting the needs of today’s students is totally different, but nonetheless, the mission remains the same—help each student be the best he/she can be and provide a wonderful high school experience to all.